Illustration by Samson Goetze

The city lights were flickering
on the horizon,
against the smoldering, pitch-black sky.
I was still wide-awake, in bed,
tracing my husband’s hand movements
on my back;
he was stroking my skin
with the tips of his fingers,
repeating a pattern—
tracing small circles in the small of my back
over and over again.
It didn’t bother me
in fact, it reminded me
of how my mother
used to stroke my back and
tell me stories
every night, so I could fall asleep.
She’d get stuck in a pattern too
caressing the same
patch of skin
over and over again.

An exploration of the four most common types of people you’ll see at a non-Western gym.

Image by Candid Brands

“This ain’t no ordinary day”, I thought to myself as I struggled to send air to my lungs while making sure I stayed on the treadmill.

I was just starting my workout. Nothing fancy, just the usual — a 24-minute incline walk on the treadmill followed by a hefty dose of “I’m proud of you”.

Enough to get my chin sweating and my legs burning.

Except, unlike most of my workouts, this one was feeling particularly rough. I was having trouble catching my breath. My feet were surprisingly uncoordinated — more so than usual. …

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

welcome to the big city

where time moves so fast
it leaves you nauseated
where people stomp on each other
just to make it to work on time

where lunch is served short on a cold park bench

where conversations with people you don’t know
are endless
while conversations with people you love
seem to never happen

where the very notion of love
seems distant
like flickering fingers in the air
searching for a spark
searching for a God
that isn’t there

welcome to the big city

where small people rule

where choice is abundant consumerism capitalism and all…

Nina Rosca

“if you don't have much soul left and you know it, you still got soul.”

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